Essential cornerstones for an efficient and effective strategy process

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Smart Governance

All Austrians should benefit from robotics and AI technologies. We are convinced that a broad participation of all stakeholders—in particular of citizens themselves—in the process of defining this strategy is needed to increase the acceptance of new technologies. This can only be achieved if people’s needs and fears are taken into account.

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Smart Innovation

We need a targeted research, development and investment policy to leverage the potential of robotics and AI technologies in all areas of application and thus tap into new markets and discover new fields of application. In doing so, the specific structure of Austrian economy, characterised by small and medium-sized companies, has to be taken into consideration. This will strengthen the economy and secure jobs and prosperity in Austria.

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Smart Regulation

A stable and secure framework is needed to ensure the trust of economic players and the positive development of markets. The use of robotics and AI must guarantee the safety of people and comply with ethical standards, fundamental human rights and European values. Wherever existing norms and standards are not sufficient to ensure this, new European standards and norms must be developed without stifling socially beneficial innovation. We need new and creative ways to resolve the trade-offs between innovationand regulation.